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Olympic International | Cycling | Active launchLeft: Young riders from the cycling charity participated in the mountain bike race in their new Olympic shirts. Right: Jordan & Co cyclists, CEO Noel Whitehead (right) and COO Thomas Cawood, participate in Olympic clothing and shoes.
March 2016

Olympic’s active

cycling launch

Olympic International cycling shoes have always been popular with cyclists seeking a quality product at a good price. The latest cycling range was recently introduced during an active launch at the Nitida Wine Estate, where cyclists could test the newly introduced lightweight Olympic International kit and expanded, much more technical, shoe range in a mountain bike race through the vineyards.

Noel Whitehead, CEO of Olympic International’s owner, Jordan & Co, is a keen cyclist who is very excited by the fact that the cycling shoe range will now also be marketed and distributed in-house by Olympic International itself. He has always worn Olympic International shoes in the cycling races he participated in — notably the legendary Attakwas, dubbed South Africa’s toughest extreme one-day mountain bike race, where he is a regular participant. He will also now be racing in the new lightweight technical Olympic International cycling shorts, shirts and bibs.

He was joined in the Olympic International launch ride by Jordan & Co COO Thomas Cawood, several other cyclists, including Sipho Madolo, who will be partnering 5-time Cape Epic winner and world marathon mountain bike champion Christoph Sauser in the 2016 Cape Epic, as well as a group of teenagers from the charity co-founded by Sauser in Kayamandi, close to Stellenbosch.

The young riders from are now also supported by Olympic International, which gave them new shirts and some shoes.

The six new Olympic cycling shoes take a step up with technical and functional features like lightweight, waterproof fabrics and high-grip soles, explains Olympic International range developer Gordon Gassert.

Designed for riders who are likely to spend a lot of time on the bike, the range provides all-day cycling comfort for the feet of cyclists at every level: from the ultra-lightweight (292gm) top end Racing Road with futuristic design lines, to the Crank entry-level mountain bike shoe, as well as all riders in between.

The Racing Road features a GINIA–Tech KPU injection frame that offers a seamless and lightweight upper, consisting of breathable mesh and easy to clean PU. The ATOP dial speed lacing system offers good pressure distribution along the foot, while the anti-slip lining in the heel area ensures a snugger fit and less foot movement. The toe box has a reinforcing cape for added toe protection and the removable inner sock can easily be replaced.

The rigid nylon rubber sole with aeration holes and mesh to assist with moisture wicking, offers lateral support. The SPD (spinning)-compatible shoe will fit most pedals.

Also at the top end and tried and tested in all conditions, the futuristic-looking Tread (406gm) is a mountain bike shoe with all the technical bells and whistles like a GINIA–Tech KPU injection frame, seamless lightweight PU upper, ATOP dial speed lacing system, anti-slip lining in the heel area, a reinforcing cape in the toe box and removable inner sock. It is spinning-compatible and will fit most other pedals.

At the other end, the 445gm Crank mountain bike shoe has a triple Velcro closure system to ensure a snug and comfortable fit, and a reinforced toe box and head to offer protection and support. The breathable mesh/PU upper ensures a quick drying and easy to clean shoe. A padded collar enhances comfort and ankle protection, and the inner sock is removable for easy replacement. The rigid rubber sole is both SPD and flat pedal compatible.

The rugged, yet stylish, Traction mountain bike shoe (427gm) has all the technology that the serious rider will appreciate: a fastening system that consists of two Velcro straps and a moulded ratchet strap that can easily be replaced and removed for cleaning; a reinforced toe box and moulded back reinforcement that offer good toe protection and heel support, and an anti-slip lining in the heel area to reduce foot movement, among others.

The lightweight (298gm) and stylish Shifter mesh road shoe has plenty of features to ensure a good performance: a triple Velcro frontal closure system for a snug and comfortable fit, and a breathable mesh/PU upper for quick drying. It is also easy to clean. The moulded heel guard with aeration portal offers both heel protection and breathability and the inner sock is removable for easy replacement. It will fit most pedals.

The good looking Spin indoor shoe (448gm) is designed specifically for indoor training. This unisex shoe has a dual Velcro frontal closure system to ensure a snug and comfortable fit, a breathable mesh/PU upper, padded collar, removable inner sock and rigid rubber sole, which is both SPD and flat pedal compatible.

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