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Kevin Hodgson resigns from Holdsport

Just as we were getting ready to go to print, we learnt that Kevin Hodgson will be resigning as CEO and director of Holdsport from 1 March this year. He had been with the company for 20 years.

Holdsport is the holding company of 40 Sportsmans Warehouse and 25 Outdoor Warehouse stores and also has a strategic investment in Performance Brands (First Ascent, Capestorm, and African Nature) and Second Skins.

According to a SENS release to shareholders, Long4Life said that in line with their decentralisation philosophy, the management of the Holdsport operating divisions will report directly to the Long4Life executive. Hodgson will continue to support Long4Life’s Sport and Recreation unit in a consulting capacity, working alongside Mr Brian Joffe and the executive team.

He retains his significant shareholding in Long4Life, the announcement said.

Hodgson (46), a qualified chartered accountant, had joined the company, then known as Moresport, in 1998 as CFO. This was around the time of the Moregro unbundling. The following year he was appointed CEO of Moresport. Before joining the sports industry he worked for Goldfields, Murray and Roberts and Vestacor.

Holdsport became part of Long4Life at the end of last year after shareholders accepted the Long4Life offer to acquire their shares.

Holdsport’s first financial results as part of Long4Life will be reported after the ending of the financial year on 28 February 2018.

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